Upload Instruction

Instructions on preparing your file for submission to MotionPile.

Save your main file:

Begin by saving your project. All videos inside the project must be in Quicktime MOV format.

Zip up your files

We require your main file and all assets that make up your main file to be contained within a ZIP folder, including all instructions. Ensure the files are organized in a clear and orderly fashion.
Note: Your main file must not exceed 1000MB in total size after it's been compressed. Files over 1000MB will not be accepted.

Create your preview video

Create your preview video at 1280x720 resolution, or higher. You don’t need to overlay Motionpile watermark on your video anymore.

Create still image

Create a still image with minimum of 600x350 JPG or PNG for your preview image. Make sure your preview image is an accurate representation of your file.

Upload all the assets

Go to Upload Page and upload all the assets (Main Zip file, Still image, Preview Video) by drag&drop it inside the appropriate zone and click on Upload button inside uploaders.

Fill the details

You will also need to fill all the details inside project upload form.
Your item name and description must accurately describe your item and its elements. They should both provide relevant information that makes it easy for buyers to find items meeting their needs.
The name field should always be relevant, concise, and professional looking.
Your description must accurately describe all elements of your main file—ensure you mention anything shown in the preview not included in the main .zip and note if any main element is rasterized, outlined or otherwise not editable. If you're using non-standard fonts in your item, these must be documented in your description. You should not include links to external, competing services including items for sale on your own website.
Choose a suitable category for your file.
Insert project resolution.
Select AE software versions your file can be opened in.
Tags should be lower case, separated by commas, spelled correctly (using American Standard English) and should relate to your item, its specifications and its possible uses. Do not use the same tags for every item. Each tag must be relevant to the item it is applied to.

Upload your files to Motionpile!

Just click on the submit button, and that is it.
Wait for our approval for this project and start making profit!