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It took nearly a decade before After Effects market grew this big. It’s huge now. It took us at quite some time and dedication to create this new, updated version of online After Effects market, and it won’t take long before you realize why your quest for the right place to buy and sell templates is finally over.
Try us and you won’t dance with anyone else. Why? Here’s an answer to that - best deals, unique conditions and exclusive offers. And a very relevant mechanism of stimulating, ranking and rewarding producers – finally you can rest assured that the hard work and true quality will be rewarded.
Plus, just to tickle your imagination, rumor has it that some producers on earn 100% of the sold item – the only thing is, it's not a rumor, and it’s a fact!
So, imagine a community that makes sure everything runs fair, a community that works for the benefit of all while trying to promote quality in favor of quantity, and you will get a picture about who we are, and why more and more people are joining us every day.


Everyone hates signing up, you can hate it, too. It’s easy but necessary. Sign Up and get best percentages and prices ever. Create your account and become producer now.
How to become a producer?
First, Sign Up. Done that? Cool.
Then, fill the Upload Form and upload your project.
Wait for our approval and there you go. It’s that simple.

Contract Options

To stimulate and reward those who produce at, we’ve set up high author share percentages. now offers just one type of contract and that’s non-exclusive contract.
Non-exclusive contract means that our authors can sell their templates on and elsewhere.
So, what will be their earning share here on
Our authors will start with 60%, and by selling with us, their % will get up to 80% of earning share. Also there have a chance to win an exclusive right to keep the full amount of the purchased item, without giving up a single percent to the!
Every year one producer will be awarded a Platinum Badge and win awesome opportunity to own full amount of the template sold! 100%!
Come on, that’s big.

How does the exclusive producer’s share grow?

You start at 60%, and with every 2000 $ sold, you earn 1 percent. So, at you earn faster than anywhere else.
To sum it all up – templates you sell on, you can sell anywhere. With every 2000$ you earn, the share rises for a percentage, until it has reached a tempting 80%.
Here’s the list of earning rates.

Producers Badges

These recognitions are intended to rank authors by the scope of sale.
An exclusive author receives a Bronze Badge right away and his share is 60%. With every 2000$ he makes, share rises for 1%, until it has reached 70% (20 000$), which will earn him a Silver Badge. Furthermore, at 80% (40 000$) author claims a Golden Badge.
And every year, one author is elected Platinum. Platinum Badge is awarded to the most influential and prominent author. With Platinum Badge a author is granted a full amount of everything he sells! Nothing can top that.


Trust us on this one.
There are two ways to set the price of an item – either a author sets it or a seller does. On, we set the price and here’s why:
We know how to sell it. We want to sell it at the best possible price, and by not letting authors set prices, we simply minimize the risk of an under sale, or a no sale due to a price too high.
The thing is, some authors tend to set prices that are very high, and that’s why potential buyers turn them down. This is why we insist you grant us a permission to evaluate your template, and we’ll make sure you never come out of a sale feeling bitter.
We want you to make more. We can help you do it.


The more you buy, the less you pay.

Depending on the amount spent, buyers are divided into categories and granted appropriate discounts. There are three categories of buyers: new buyers, occasional buyers and regular ones.
Up to 10 purchases, a buyer is a New buyer and he pays a normal price.
Those who bought 10 to 50 items become Occasional buyers and get a 10% discount.
And after 50th template, you get 15% ever after and you earn a title Regular buyer.

Make a deposit

To make a deposit follow three easy steps. Go to Deposit page, chose the amount you want to deposit, and after being forwarded to our secure Payment Gateway, leave you credit card info, and that’s it.

Buying Projects

Buying a project, it’s a piece of lemon pie. First, click on the project you like and choose between regular and extended license – depending on what media are you going to cover. Confirm the purchase and come again.